Cumberland Show 2024

Timetable of Events 2023

Horse Judging - Ridden Hunters (Main Ring A) & Fell Ponies (Main Ring B)
Cattle Judging (Cattle Rings)
Vintage Vehicles Judging (Vintage Section)
Sheep Judging (Sheep Section)
Fun Dog Show Entries Taken (Dog Ring)
YFC Tug of War County Finals (Tug of War Ring)
Cumberland Kitchen - John Crouch - Food to a Budget (Food Hall)
Heavy Horse Judging & Championship (Main Ring)
11:00 Cumberland Kitchen - Skitby House - Best of the English Country Garden (Food Hall)
Fun Dog Show (Dog Ring)
Cumberland Kitchen - Helen's Herbs - Grow & Cook (Food Hall)
Killiebrae Sheepdog Display (Main Ring)
Cumberland Kitchen - Jon Fell - Under the Sea (Food Hall)
Stannage Stunt Team ( (Main Ring)
Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds (Main Ring)
Cumberland Kitchen - Jon Fell - Fine Fish (Food Hall)
Parade of Champions (Main Ring)
Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling (Wrestling Ring)
14:45 Champion of Champions & Presentation of Trophies (Main Ring)
15:00 Cumberland Kitchen - Cumbria Distillery - Mixology & Cocktail (Food Hall)
15:15 Vintage Vehicles Display (Main Ring) 
15:30 Stannage Stunt Team (Main Ring)
16:00 Walworth Bird of Prey (Main Ring)
16:30 Fun Terrier / Dog Racing (Main Ring)

Countryside Ring 2024

09:30 Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds
10:00 Ferret World Show
10:30 Fly Fishing
11:00 Walworth Falconry Dog Display
11:30 Killiebrae Sheepdog Display
12:00 Walworth Birds of Prey
12:30 Sam Weltzien Farrier Demo
13:00 Ferret World Show
13:30 Fly Fishing
14:00 Sheep Shearing Demo
14:30 Walworth Falconry Dog Display
15:00 Sam Weltzien Farrier Demo
15:30 Walworth Birds of Prey
16:00 Killiebrae Sheepdog Display