Cumberland Show 2022

The Society Team

The Society is run by a Committee of elected members from a wide spectrum of people involved in agriculture and related businesses around Carlisle.

Chairman: Mr Michael Nicholson

Vice Chair: Ms Linda Dodd & Mr Matthew Bowker

President: Mr & Mrs E Wilson

Treasurer: Mr Robert Wharton

Show Secretary: Miss Jill Dunglinson
Tel: 01228 812601    Email: [email protected]    

Operations & Development Secretary: Mrs Gillian Potts

Horse Secretary: Ms Sarah Gemmell
Tel: 07506 003427   Email: [email protected]    

Home Industries Secretary: Mrs Megan Armstrong
Tel: 07597 287445   Email: [email protected]      

Home Industries Chairman: Mrs Liz Peile

Poultry Secretary: Mr John Barry
Email: [email protected]

Trophy Secretary: Mrs Julie Bowker