Cumberland Show 2019

Provisional Timetable of Events 2018

Horse Judging (Horse Section)
Ridden Hunters (Main Ring)
Sheep Dog Trials (South side of Main Car Park)
Cattle Judging (Cattle Rings)
Vintage Vehicles Judging (Vintage Section)
Sheep Judging (Sheep Section)
Poultry Judging (Poultry Marquee)
Fun Dog Show Entries Taken (Hounds & Beagles Marquee)
11.00am Fire Walking
Heavy Horse Judging (Main Ring)
Fun Dog Show Judging
Whippets, Lurchers & Terriers Competitions (Countryside Area)
12.30pm Hounds & Beagles Competitions (Countryside Area)
Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling (Wrestling Ring)
Concours de Elegnace (Horse Section)
1.30pm Pony Club Games (Main Ring)
Carriage Driving Arena Challenge (Main Ring)
Fire Walking
2.30pm Parade of Champions (Main Ring)
2.40pm Horse Supreme Judging (Main Ring)
2.45pm Champion of Champions & Presentation of Trophies (Main Ring)
3.15pm Vintage Vehicles Display (Main Ring)
3.30pm Pony Club Games (Main Ring)
4.00pm Carriage Driving Arena Challenge (Main Ring)
5.00pm Harness Racing (Horse Section)

Countryside Ring

9.30am Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds
10.00am Ferret World
10.30am Sealpin Gundogs Display
11.00am Walworth Castle Birds of Prey
11.30am Lake District Sheepdog Experience
12.00pm Lawn Order Chainsaw Carving
12.30pm Sealpin Gundogs Display
13.00pm Walworth Castle Birds of Prey
13.30pm Lake District Sheepdog Experience
14.00pm Ferret World
14.30pm Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds
15.30pm Terrier Racing